True Grace Candles

True Grace candles draw inspiration from their life in an English village where the candles are made. The values of this village is everything their life – honesty, integrity, authenticity, harmony with nature and community, and these things are vital. True Grace is proud that everything from fragrance blending to hand pouring is done in our their own workshops in Wiltshire. Making careful and natural choices of ingredients ensures sustainability and excellence. The village also acts as inspiration for True Grace candles’ range of over forty unique fragrances, divided into three distinct groups. True Grace’s core of village perfumes reflect life in the country, with all its history and color. True Grace Classic candle burns for 40 hours, are poured by hand, are housed in beautiful etched glass and are a unique blend of vegetable wax.



Beautiful walks in the English countryside, wonderful childhood memories and travels to exotic destinations are the inspiration for the True Grace’s collection of home fragrance products.

True Grace’s sophisticated scented candles are produced in Wiltshire, England using the highest quality ingredients with consideration given for the environment. Each hand-poured scented candle is made from 100% pure natural wax made from a special formulation of rapeseed wax and pure beeswax. A unique blend that has been specially formulated to burn cleanly and perfume beautifully with no carbon emissions. True Grace home fragrances are a truly 21st generation environmentally friendly product.


Sensuous, evocative, exotic, warm, mysterious, sexy and refined, True Grace scents are sourced from the finest European fragrance houses and smell exactly as their namesake.

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