Compagnie de Provence

In 1999, Compagnie de Provence is the first brand to reinterpret the traditional cube of Marseille soap and launch its liquid version. Made from vegetable oils as its solid ancestor and crafted in a cauldron following authentic tradition, it comes in a glass dispenser adorned with a sleek design. In line with the new consumption habits, this product instantly became very popular and brought continuous success to Compagnie de Provence. The brand is now cited as THE reference for liquid Marseille soap.

Since then, based on this iconic bottle and thanks to our expertise and creativity, Compagnie de Provence has constantly been developing products dedicated to your well-being.

Rich with history, Marseille soap has become a piece of heritage and a true symbol of the city of Marseille. Compagnie de Provence pays tribute to this legendary soap through a decorative and modern collection. A selection of well-being products featuring natural origin ingredients to cleanse and soften your skin, is available in a wide range of refined fragrances for both men and women.

The traditional home care products, revamped in a decorative and retro style, have their place in laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.