atelierCreated to remain a timeless piece, each jewel fuses classy elegance with modern inspiration, creating a marvellous eclectic beauty.Ines Atelier jewelry is hand-made, from metal combined with different metal parts, velvet and silk, knitted ribbons and is embellished with Swarovski and Preciosa glass crystals. A contrast that creates a perfect union lies in the heart of each collection’s aesthetic.

The contrast is expressed through materials, colours and sizes, while the luxurious appeal is achieved by gold and silver plating and sandblasting. These glamourous and bold-looking jewels are created by mixing the notions of the past, the present and the future, and, hopefully, each one of them, in time, will have a unique story to tell.

It took only a couple of seasons for INES Atelier brand to establish itself as a unique, distinctive and prosperous luxurious fashion brand. Minding the needs, habits and desires of a modern day woman, the brand expanded from a single starting point: to create a fashion line that offers feminine, stylish and comfortable statement pieces.

In order to bring out the best out of confident women, INES Atelier combines contemporary design with quality materials, magnificent production and a special touch of timeless glam. While keeping in mind the pith and excitement of fashion trends, INES Atelier thrives to create pieces that will supremely underline individuality of the wearer and complement her sole cosmopolitan personality. In other words, each piece is sending our brand’s primary message: enjoy what you wear and who you are!