Ivona Martinko

Ivona Martinko is a fashion designer with a painstakingly scientific mind. Deconstruction and frighteningly pedantic cuts in constant search for creative perfection might just as well define her as a doctor of fashion forensics. Ivona’s designs are cut extremely clearly and might remind your of architectural pieces that are somewhat softened with sculptural curves, flips and variation of pattern making. That’s when the fashion details come to life.


Ivona’s playful spirit is on a never-ending adventurous expedition and is rooted in a recognized Japanese avant-garde. The result is comfortable multifunctional clothes liberating one’s every move while intriguing details could replace most extravagant pieces of jewellery. Her inspiration is instant and a matter of a delightful confrontation with the material which inevitably ends with an elaboration of construction which is being driven to the very perfection. Ivona goes against a comercial attitude to fashion and became widely recognized as a rebel against compromising creativity. As for her clothes – it is never “out of fashion”. It’s a good investment at any time and it’s eternally artsy. Therefore, clothes with a label “Ivona Martinko” isn’t just a brand, it’s a piece of art which never fails to take you to a spiritual journey.